High on Hope was founded by Tim Craft who was addicted to heroin for 12 years. Tim was approached by a close friend of his in the depths of his addiction and given the opportunity to go into Eddie James Ministries in 2014. Tim knew that the time had come to get help, prompted strongly by the death of his sister due to an accidental overdose. 
While Tim was with Eddie, he learned and studied the Bible and learned how to really be free. He learned the importance of renewing your mind and being set apart from the world. He spent a year with Eddie James traveling the world and sharing his testimony. In 2015, Eddie James Ministries landed in Parkersburg and launched the Dreamlife program, an extension of Eddie James Ministries. Dreamlife was a one-year faith-based recovery program. Tim was the director of the Dreamlife program in Parkersburg. Discovering that there was a need for unity amongst the churches and the recovery community in the Mid-Ohio Valley, Tim launched High on Hope in 2017. The vision for High on Hope was and still is to connect resources and network with other ministries and initiatives to be sure that anyone seeking help will be able to get the help they need. Going out with local law enforcement and first responders, holding recovery events to keep the community informed and engaged, and holding weekly overcoming addiction classes are just a few of the efforts in place within High on Hope to serve and equip the community.